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Our WHOLESALE APPLICATION is available on-line. 
See complete details below.

Do you have questions about the application procedure?  Our page on Frequently Asked Questions about Sunshine's Wholesale Policy will help you!

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Our Wholesale Requirements

All of our Wholesale Accounts are Qualified before we will send our Wholesale Literature package.

In this way Sunshine ensures that only those qualified to purchase at wholesale will have this information.

Sunshine Glassworks follows industry standards and guidelines for qualifying wholesale accounts. We ask that all potential Wholesale Accounts submit the following documentation:

  • Tax collection Certificate or Business License

  • Business Card and/or Letterhead

  • Voided Business Check

  • Promotional material. This may be your yellow pages ad, newspaper display ad, web site or a descriptive brochure you circulate.

  • A $650 Opening Order is also expected from all new Wholesale Customers.
    The Opening Order can be waived if you can show copies of current invoices from a recognized stained glass distributor with similar qualifications or if you can submit a photograph of your storefront location.

  • Our Application form is available on line.  See details below on how you can access this form.

Our wholesale customers range from home based studios to large production shops with dozens of employees. From New York to New Zealand! 

We would like to add you to our growing list, provided you are able to meet the requirements outlined above.


Our Application for Wholesale Status is available on-line.  You may chose three options for downloading:

  • Adobe PDF file.  This option will open a new window in your browser.  Print the two page form that appears, fill in the blanks and mail or fax the two pages along with photocopies of requested documentation.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF FORM

  • Interactive Adobe PDF file.  This option will open a new window in your browser.  You can then type in your information in the shaded spaces provided.  At the end of the form, there is a <PRINT> button that will print your filled in form.  Mail or fax the two pages along with photocopies of requested documentation.  CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERACTIVE PDF FORM

  • HTML - Plain Text File.  If you don't have Adobe Reader or for some reason your browser will not accommodate the forms above, you can choose the plain form that is supported by all browsers. When you click on the link below, a new window will open in your browser.  Print and fill in the form and mail or fax these pages along with photocopies of the requested documentation.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PLAIN TEXT FORM

  • Once you have filled out the application, please fax to 716-668-2932 along with the requested documentation.

  • If you are coming to our warehouse, please bring the completed application along with photocopies of the requested documentation so we can approve your company when you visit.

We will review your application on receipt.  If you are approved, we will confirm your approval by e-mail (generally within an hour of receipt) and will ship your Wholesale Literature Package to you via Priority Mail.

Questions?  Check our FAQ page or call us at 1-800-828-7159 and we'll be glad to help. 


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